Aveeno Baby Lotion


Get this daily basis lotion sample that even some adults actually use it for themselves!.

Product Details

Baby lotion is used on a daily basis, some adults actually use it for themselves as well! Baby lotion is key because a baby has incredibly sensitive skin, so whenever it's dry (or irritated) you're going to need some sort of moisturizer. This particular lotion is supposed to be used every single day, which is why there aren't any fragrances added. Fragrance free lotions can go a long way, especially when it comes to babies. You don't want to overload their senses, which is why you need lotions that aren't incorporated with fragrances. There's one active ingredient within it, and that's “Dimethicone”. There's 1.2% of it used inside the Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion (Fragrance Free, 18 ounce).


  • There's no smell to the lotion
  • There's 18 ounces of it within this bottle.


  • Some people might get irritated skin (due to an allergy of Benzalkonium Chloride).